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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

A Bishop recommends the AA model for the Church

Well,  here is Bishop Alan Wilson, Area Bishop of Buckingham (Church of England) saying:

"The Church in its own bubble has become, at best the guardian of the value system of the nation’s grandparents, and at worst a den of religious anoraks defined by defensiveness, esoteric logic and discrimination."
"the Church of the future may be less a civil service or conventional business, and more a movement like Alcoholics Anonymous, the ultimate locally delivered life-changing non profit. The job of the hierarchy will be to enable this, not to represent it or control it.

To represent the grace and truth of Christ to this generation and be good news to those within its care, the Church needs, not a re-brand or a bailout, but a reboot.

Where does Christianity connect with Life as it is lived?

What lines of code would come up on the screen during such a reboot?"


Unfortunately I don't think the hierarchy can enable this change, because this would mean dismantling the hierarchy.  

I doubt if the AA traditions could work within the Church structures.  The AA model can never be another 'Fresh Expression' of the established church.

I think people who want a church modelled on the traditions of AA will just have to get together amongst themselves and get on with it and leave the Church to get on with their stuff.


  1. Hi just wanted to pop over here and leave you a message. I always love your comments on my blog, I really do. I even said to my sister recently (she follows my blog and the comments etc and 'gets' the whole community vibe) 'That Daisyanon always has great advice, she can be blunt but always on the money'. You are so wise to have re-read that earlier line of mine about needing friends, and that is what's pulling me toward AA now (even though I still think I'm too chicken to go).. the thought that there might be some totally great people in there that will become cool friends that will 'get' what it's like to be sober. So many people around me don't get it - they just don't get it! Sigh. Anyway.. you rock. I love you. You're great and I'm so happy and lucky to have your input. Take care xxxx


  2. This blog offering is almost 3 years old but here I am commenting.

    I think DaisyAnon is correct in "comment", above: A12-Step program cannot morph an existing hierarchical organization/Church ...because of the hierarchy/controllers typically wanting/needing to keep their jobs/positions/control.

    I would like to find like-minded people to join with ...or with whom to start a unique movement. But something named a bit catchier than "AA 12 Steps & Traditions For Everyone", which it what I have so far for a name. (lol)
    --I think the Bishop's heart is in the right place but implementation of his desire is not possible under present "Church" understanding. BUT, there is a great need along these lines. And, think I have found a way to adapt Steps/Traditions to a general and very healthy fellowship and way of life.

    I note here that "Church Doesn't Work" in the ways that Jesus had in mind for Christian fellowships...for his Bride. This is because, unlike the AA fellowships, Churches are not run by the humbling 12-Traditions (or something very akin to them)...personalities abound, hired help (most Christian leaders) becomes slightly dishonest and are more interested in keeping their jobs than in adhering to the necessary steps and principles that work ...adhering to what actually works!

    I am an an old retired guy (a former AA & Alanon hanger-on) (and a Born-Again who is a radical Christian ) who has thought these things through for over 30 years. So, recently I have been adapting the steps and traditions to undergird a fellowship that Jesus WOULD fully sanction.

    --Anyone want to chat about that? DaisyAnon?

    1. Gosh, someone has been reading this! And commented!! Thank you. I'm still here. I hit a blogging blog and then life took over and I keep meaning to post some more and not getting round to it.

      I'm still convinced that old institutional models of Church don't work and the AA Traditions offer a better alternative. I'm happy to chat about your ideas D.Bene.

    2. blogging block that should be. :)

    3. I just sent you an email with this same info.

      Well, I'll start the chat with:
      Yes, I am Born-Again but a very big rebel about "Church" ...mainstream Christianity, i call it.

      For 34 years I have looked for a REAL Jesus Church.

      I don't know where you are at spiritually...and I don't want to scare you away with my zeal, but, I have to admit, it is real.
      --AND I need people who are interested in 'the same page' so-to-speak, with whom to fellowship and grow.

      I tend to be very open, so I have to ask, "Is that too much" for an intro?


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