Welcome, Namaste, Peace, Shalom

Welcome, Namaste, Peace, Shalom, Benedicite. May the peace of the Lord always be with you.

Annapurna (Goddess of the Harvests) range, Nepal. Machapuchare, Fishtail Mountain, sacred to Shiva and never climbed.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Another film about the life of prayer in silence, solitude and simplicity.

Mablethorpe Beach Lincolnshire

Buddhist this time.  I am a Christian but I find so much to help and inspire me in Buddhism.  When I started meditating sixteen years ago I wanted to get back in touch with God and find a religion.  I vaguely thought Buddhism might be the answer.  I knew Christianity wasn't the answer,   LOL!  And the other religions seemed to difficult for a white western female feminist to access.   All the religions seemed to confine women to a restricted, subordinate role.  I wanted a religion I could practise by myself in my room  ROFLMAO!

But God had the last laugh and as I meditated I realised the religion He had chosen for me was Christianity.  At that time (1994) the CofE was just agreeing to the ordination of women.  That seemed to solve that problem at the time. 

Anyway, here is the film, and also a trailer clip. 

Sorry for the long absence from the blog.  I have been away, then had a cold.  Next up, another in the 12 step series.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Best Ever Explanation of the Trinity


A charming country railway station. Two small people with their granny waiting for their train.

Small Person 1: "There’s 3 people on our platform. Oh, no, there’s only person."

Small Person 2:  "No, there’s 3."

Small Person 1: "We are a family so we are one person."